Introducing our delightfully skillful English teacher!

Hi there all learners! Today I would like to introduce our English teacher Joanna. She has been teaching English professionally for 4 years and holds a bachelor degree in English language teaching.

She has extensive experience teaching all ages of learners, from kids to adults. With her cheerful and easy-going attitude and great knowledge of teaching grammar and pronunciation, she will help you improve your English speaking and confidence in a fast and fun way . In the next blog post she will personally send you all a greeting as well as uploading a introduction video.

Welcome to SugoiEnglish!



Welcome to SugoiEnglish!

This is an online tutoring service for the fine and glorious language English! What I hope to achieve with this service is to teach English to anyone that is either interested or captivated by the allure of this language of the world. I’ve had a good deal of experience teaching English as well as Swedish to Japanese people while I was living in Tokyo, I have got many fine comments about my teaching style.

My teaching method is online lessons through skype, where I’ll be giving 1 on 1, 1 hour private lessons for an affordable price. The format of the lesson can be switched out to a group session, longer time, specific requests regarding the lesson material etc. For as low as 1500 yen per lesson, you can start your English learning adventure right now.

Don’t hesitate to send me an email with any questions or requests for lessons to my email:

Have a fine day!

// Jonas Rydell, tutor and creator, SugoiEnglish!




去 年一年間ほど東京に住んでいたため、特に日本人に対して言葉を教える機会が多かったです。 時間があるときに友人と語学を教えあうほか、教師としてレッスンを行うなどしてきました。 英語とスウェーデン語の両方を教えてきて、生徒と会話する時はとても充実している時間だと実感しました。


では、実際にクラスについて説明しましょう。 クラスは個性的でカジュアルな会話スタイルです。 スカイプで一時間セッションにつき、料金は1500円です。

連絡先はjonasrydell@hotmail.comです。 よろしくお願いいたします。

// Jonas Rydell, すごいEnglish 教師兼クリエーター